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Introducing Anitra from Can’t Read Just One

Posted on: December 8, 2013

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1. Tell us a little about yourself!

Well, I’m Anitra Townsend, creator/founder (whatever you’d call it), and currently ONLY blogger of Can’t Read Just One. I just recently lost Kris Adams, my partner in crime, as she has gone on to start her own promotions company. I’m in the “30-somethings club,” I am an AVID book reader, and self-proclaimed “Book-Geek” and proud of it. I’ve got a Bachelor’s of Arts Degree in Psychology, and working towards my Master’s Degree in Counseling. I’ve been married for 8 years.  We have two awesome lil stinkers, Ostin (pronounced like Austin) age 6 and Zaria age 5. I was born in Ellsworth, Maine, but raised in Omaha, Nebraska (where I currently reside). I direct two college preparatory programs (Classic Upward Bound and the Upward Bound Math & Science Center) at Creighton University, one of the Top Ten Colleges/Universities in the Midwest. I’m a wife and mother first, whenever there are major lapses in my blogging it’s probably due to “My Junior Booksters” and all their school and sports activities. I love being a Mommy, it’s probably the only thing I love more than reading J

2. What inspired you/caused you to start your book blog?

Well, I used to read all the time when I was younger, then I got married, had kids and reading kind of took a back seat.  For about 5 years I didn’t read at all.  Then about a year and a half ago (somewhere in there) my HUSBAND bought me E.L. James’ Fifty Shades of Grey and I read it, and never stopped reading since.  It became an addiction quickly.  In my town, I don’t belong to any book clubs, and I only have a couple of girlfriends who read as much as I do.  The blog idea came to me in March 2013 as a way to talk about books with other people who love to read. I didn’t realize there was such a HUGE book world out there, now, I’m totally ingrained in it, and loving every minute of it.

3. What is your favorite part of running one?

Hands down my favorite part of blogging is meeting all the awesome people I’ve met. Not just the AMAZING authors (although meeting them could be reason enough), but fellow bloggers, and just other people who LOVE to read as much as I do.  Makes me feel less “geeky” lol when I’m surrounded by people who are just like me.

4. What’s your favorite place and time to read? At home in bed at 2am? Out and about at a coffee shop?

I love to read in bed, at any time of the day.  I’ve been late to work (or missed it altogether) several times due to my comfy reading spot.  I do it as often as I can.

HOWEVER, being a mom to 2 kids actively involved in sports and school activities, I’ve found reading during their various practices have become my new “reading spot.”

5. Kindle or regular book? How did you feel about the Kindle to book transition? Did you fight it at first or dive right in?

There really wasn’t a big transition for me.  To be honest, I only bought my kindle because of The Black Dagger Brotherhood by J.R. Ward.  TRUE STORY:  My friend recommended Dark Lover (book 1 in the BDB series) and I had to order it from Barnes and Noble because they didn’t have it in stock.  I read the book in like a day, went back to the story and ordered the next 3 books in the series.  Did I happen to mention I’m not patient when it comes to book series and characters I love?  Well waiting on B&N to get my books in was taking too long, so I ran out and bought a Kindle, finished all 11 books in The Black Dagger Brotherhood series in about I month.  The instant gratification of amazon’s little “one-click” button is addicting. I’ve been Kindle obsessed ever since! (I still bought the paperbacks when my order came in  #BookGeek)

I love my Kindle, I NEVER leave home without it!  It is attached to me like another appendage lol  My kids will even say, “Mommy are you on your kindle again?!?!”  I still love the feel of a REAL book though.  I’m not picky at all. Give me a good book, I don’t care if it’s paperback hard cover, on kindle, on iPad, on iPhone, it’s gonna get read!

6. Favorite book of all time?

Like my blog title “Can’t Read Just One,” I can’t pick just one favorite book.  If you were twisting my arm and I could only give you ONE title, I guess I would go with  Outlander by Diana Gabaldon.  Can’t wait until March 2014 when the Showtime television series airs.

7. Coolest author you ever got to meet/work with?

Indie Author Anna Applegate. We clicked almost instantly, and now we talk about everything from books to movies to just life in general.  AMAZING woman, and her Ariya Adam’s Trilogy is  great as well. Protected is book 1 and Awakened is book 2.

Again, it’s hard to pick just one.  I LOVE Erica Stevens and I’ve got to meet with her, I did a book trailer for her Captive Series. She is an awesome lady as well.

9. Do you prefer a bunch of quick, sweet stand-alone reads or a long drawn out series of epic proportions?

I love a good stand alone, REMINDER….I’m the IMPATIENT QUEEN! Waiting for the next book in a series often turns me into a CRAZY lady..lol  I was lucky all 3 Fifty Shades of Grey books where released when I started or else I probably would have had a CORONARY waiting to see what happened next with Christian and Ana!!!  The same thing with The Black Dagger Brotherhood, 10 books were released already when I started reading the series.

I LOVE an epic series, and getting the opportunity to read more of the characters you fall in love  with, but I’ve learned that I like to wait until at least 2 books in a trilogy are released before I start reading.  OR, I wait until the series is complete and start.  I’m just weird like that I guess, I’m one of those “NEED TO KNOW” people, so waiting a year or more to find out more drives me bonkers!!!

10. Last book you read and how did you rate it?

UnAttainable by Madeline Sheehan. I would totally give it 5 stars, because I love her UnDeniable series.  I’ve had the opportunity to interact with her, and she’s another awesome author. I’ve done 2 book trailers for her and I’m working on my 3rd book trailer for her now J  Her books just bring out sooo many emotions, her characters are raw and real….they are not your cookie  cutter, “rainbows and butterflies” love stories…they are gritty and dirty and not what I normally get into, but I totally LOVE her books.

11. Aside from reading, what else do you do with your time? Or, like me, do things book-related pretty much sum up your life?

Things book related totally take over…when I’m not reading I’m working on book trailers lately…or talking about books that I’ve read with my “book besties.” Some days I feel like I have books on the brain!!  I’m blessed to be a Mommy, so my time is filled with dance class, flag football practice, basketball practices, then games…I’m the room parent chairperson for my kid’s elementary school, so my time is spent making sure there are parents signed up to host all the class parties for each grade level k-6 (21 classrooms)…so I find, most days, I have NO free time…but when that miracle happens, you can usually find my nose embedded in a book/kindle.

12. If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would it be and why?

I would LOVE to go to Italy, thanks to Sienna Mynx and her Battaglia Mafia Series.

13. If you could meet any author, who would it be?

Anna Applegate.

Patty Maximini

J.L. Durfey

Violette Dubrinsky.

Sienna Mynx

J.R. Ward.

Katy Evans (just to give her a hug for creating all of the HOTNESS that is Remington “Riptide” Tate)

I could keep going, but I think I’m breaking the rules by listing this many

14. If you could go on a date with any fictional male character, who would it be, from what book?

Hmmmm….your questions just keep getting harder and harder…

I think I’ll go with Jessie Ward, Lord of the Manor, from Jodi Ellen Malpas’s This Man Trilogy.  He seems like he is fun and could show a girl a good time on a date  (and we could shake our booties to a lil Justin Timberlake lol)

15. Who is a female character you could see yourself being best friends with?

I would say either Mira from Sienna Mynx’s Battaglia Mafia Series or Caroline from Anna Applegate’s Ariya Adam’s Trilogy.

16. Is there a fiction genre you just can’t seem to stand or get into? For me, heavy science fiction is just a no-go.

I have pretty much read a book from every genre of literature, I don’t think I would adamantly say I “can’t stand” any of them.  I guess for me it’s more of a certain type of storyline I can’t get into; books that deal with glorifying abusive situations or where the characters are taking pleasure in giving/receiving violent abuse.  Me-no-likey those kinds of book, no matter the genre.

17. When I say favorite book cover, what’s the first one to come to mind – since I know there probably can’t be just one?

lol…you just did a funny with my blog title! lol….I would have to say the first book cover that popped into my head is Splintered by A.G. Howard

18. What was the series in childhood that got you hooked on reading? For me, my mom forced me to read Little House on the Prairie for school which I ended up loving, and then I found the Redwall series and I just never stopped!

I would say Ramona the Pest by Beverly Clearly is the childhood book series that sparked my love for reading.  I read every single one of those books.  My mom took me to the public library often, so I would always check out a Ramona Quimby book, even if I’d already read it.  Then as I got older, the Sweet Valley Twins/Sweet Valley High series by Francine Pascal.  I’ve literally been reading since I was 5yrs. old.

19. Were you The Quiet Girl Who Was Always Reading, or did you mainly just read at home in secret?

Definitely the quiet girl that was always reading.  I have a sister 6 yrs. older than me, she was the pretty, out-going, popular one.  So I’ve always been the “other Doleman girl”  (Doleman is my maiden name)

20. Do you always read several books at once, or just stick to one at a time? The running joke in my family when I was young was asking me how many books I was reading (usually at least five) and laughing when I could recite the plot for every single one!

I have to focus on one at a time.  I’ve tried to read several books at once and I don’t do to well at it.  So kudos to you for being able to do that!

21. Favorite book to movie adaption?

Sense and Sensibility by Jane Austen



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