Kassandra Kush

Introducing Sheraka from Crazy Chaotic Book Babes

Posted on: November 26, 2013

Crazy chaotic

 Tell us a little about yourself!

I have been reading books since I was young and would get in trouble for reading so much and staying up late. Reading was my get away whether I was reading “A Light in the Attic” or reading anything by Edgar Allen Poe. I love poems so it opened my eyes up to a lot of things. I have a 13 year old son and he reads just as much as I do, if not more.  I always wanted to have a blog so I was so grateful to have someone who loves reading just as much as me enter this journey!!! Jessica 🙂

What inspired you/caused you to start your book blog?

Jessica was the only person that wanted to do this just as much as me, don’t let her fool you 🙂

What’s your favorite place and time to read? At home in bed at 2am? Out and about at a coffee shop?

I get up before work and read, I fall asleep reading, I lock myself in rooms just to read. (Dont’ tell), but I have gotten off work and called in early for new releases 🙂

Coolest author you ever got to meet/work with?

We’ve had so many authors reach out the us and authors that we have reached out too and every single one have been cool so we can’t say that one is “cooler” than the rest

 Do you prefer a bunch of quick, sweet stand-alone reads or a long drawn out series of epic proportions?

I don’t like long drawn out series unless there is a story line.  I love  them all so I would have to say I love good books whether they are stand alones or series

Aside from reading, what else do you do with your time? Or, like me, do things book-related pretty much sum up your life?

I do alot with the PTO at my son’s school, I volunteer as much as possible and starting soon, I will be a “sports” mom again!!

If you could go on a date with any fictional male character, who would it be, from what book?

Wow, can I just say all of them? I honestly can’t pick one character. We have so many great authors who have AWESOME characters in their books. If I had to pick one, I would pick Christian Grey.

Who is a female character you could see yourself being best friends with?

There are so many book girlfriends that I would love to have but if I had to pick one, I would have to say Indie from Rock Chicks!!

Were you The Quiet Girl Who Was Always Reading, or did you mainly just read at home in secret?

I was the girl who would get picked at for reading. My mom believed in timed reading when I was in elementary school so once I started on my own, I read openly.

 Do you always read several books at once, or just stick to one at a time? The running joke in my family when I was young was asking me how many books I was reading (usually at least five) and laughing when I could recite the plot for every single one!

I try to read one at a time but there are times  when I can’t get into a book so I start another one and try to go back to it.

Favorite book to movie adaption?

I would love the see the Crossfire Series made into a movie and me pick Gideon (lol)


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