Kassandra Kush

The Things We Can’t Change Sneak Peak

Posted on: June 15, 2013

A preview from later in the book!




            Two nights later I’m working the dining room, which is slow even for a Wednesday night, when Tony Stull steps in front of me, blocking my path back to the kitchen. We stare at each other for a long moment, and I take in his clenched fists and the weird light in his blue eyes. I have him by almost two inches and we’re in a public place, so he doesn’t scare me, but the crazy look in his eyes is almost as unnerving as the empty one in Evie’s.

            “You better stay away from Evie, Quain,” he finally says, and my eyebrows shoot up in surprise.

            “Excuse me?” The idea that he actually thinks I would go for someone like Evie Parker is laughable. Out of my league, and definitely not my type.

            “Don’t try to deny it,” Tony growls. “I’ve seen the way you look at her. You’re like a mutt eyeing another dog’s bone. I’ve got news for you; she’s taken, and she’s happy, and I want you to stay away from her. Quit bothering her, especially when she visits Jenny.”

            Ahh. So he must have seen the two of us talking at the dance studio at some point. I allow a smile to play on my lips, gleaning satisfaction from the way his whole body tenses because I’m not taking him seriously. It gives me the greatest pleasure to say, “Tell your girl to stay away from me, Stull. She approached me first. So maybe she’s not as satisfied as you think.”

            He growls. The boy actually growls at me, taking a step forward, and I stay still, staring at him without blinking. He’s nothing compared to Cameron, and if there’s one thing I know, it’s how to stand my ground. Finally, Tony seems to gain control of himself and steps back once more, allowing his eyes to flick over my uniform, focusing on the brand-new stains from tonight’s special of lasagna and spaghetti over veal that mottle my white shirt.

            “Don’t forget your place, Quain,” he whispers. “You’re trash, and you’ll always belong in the gutter.”

            I smile pleasantly at him, because I don’t feel threatened in the least. If he thinks he can make things worse for me, he’s seriously overestimating how much he thinks I have going for me in life.

            “Oh, I know my place, Tony. Just don’t blame me if your girlfriend is finding something in the gutter that she can’t find in the silver spoon stuck up your ass.”

            I expect a smart retort, but Tony’s face instantly flushes bright red and he turns sharply on one heel, storming out of the dining room. He nearly knocks a few people over, he’s going so fast. I watch him go for a long moment, and have a sudden quiver of uneasiness somewhere deep within me. It’s only just occurred to me that taunting an abusive guy about having an affair with his girlfriend might not have been the best idea. I force the emotions and feelings away, reasoning that if it brings Evie trouble, it’s her fault, not mine. I told her to tell someone, to get out, and she refused.

            Whatever happens next will be on her, not me. I don’t do guilt or pity. I haven’t for years, and I sure as hell am not going to start now.



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Lyla Evans just wants to be left alone; to fly under the radar and not attract attention. After seventeen years, she knows how the game is played. Her parents are hardly ever home, and when they do show up, they’re quick to anger and even quicker with their fists. With foster care comes the threat of being separated from her two younger siblings, and Lyla would die before allowing that to happen. She’s learned to keep her head down and depend on no one but herself and God to get by.

When a strange man starts paying too much attention to her and her siblings, showing up to rescue them and then disappearing without a trace, Lyla begins to panic that everything she’s been hiding is about to come out. But as she slowly becomes friends with Rafael and even trusts him with her deepest fears, Lyla learns he has secrets far bigger than her own that will turn everything in her world upside down.

In this story of abuse and rescue, love and faith, angels and demons, an unlikely friendship grows into a fantastical love story appealing and appropriate for readers young and old alike.


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